How To Replace Pontoon Seats

How To Replace Pontoon Seats

Are you on your vocational break, or maybe you want to spend some quality time with your family? In any case, a pontoon boat can help you achieve all that you want!

Pontoon boats are flatboats that use the concept of buoyancy to float. People use pontoon boats to escape their hectic reality and relax for the day while enjoying the natural beauty.

Pontoon boats are often associated with luxury and comfort because of their impressive exclusive interiors and lavish seats. The interior of these boats is quite delicate and needs proper care for long-term sustenance.

Therefore, you should keep in mind not to be harsh on the interior, especially not be rough on seats while cleaning them.

What Are Pontoon Seats?

Pontoon seats are a great seating area in a pontoon boat and are considered the only integral interior component for the pontoon boat.

There are various arrangements available for the boat depending upon the size and the model of the boat. The most common configuration is two settings of 55 inches on the sides and one 38-inch seating area at the rear part of the boat.

The Need For Changing Your Pontoon Seats –

It is very common for the pontoon seats to wear over time. This often happens with pontoon upholstery, but there is no need to stress and panic.

On any given day, you can get your worn-out seats replaced by brand new and dazzling seats, thus adding a brighter sparkle to your pontoon’s interior.

There are a lot of new variants to choose from while surfing for pontoon seats. These new options are the latest in style and complete all the requirements for the pontoon seats.

Are You Upgrading Your Seats?

Are you looking for a new seating system that completes all your requirements and is very stylish for your pontoon boat? It could indeed be a challenging task if you don’t know where to look and what to look for.

It is best suited if you keep in mind all your requirements while searching for the seating arrangements for your pontoon. This can ease up the task and help you get the perfect arrangement quickly.

While upgrading your seating system, you should also check the quality and the texture of your new seats. Having comfortable and classy seats added to the boat makes your pontoon stand out from other boats!

Measurement Of The Seating Area –

The complete process of replacing your pontoon seats

Before you move on to the process of searching for the perfect seats for your pontoon boat, you should learn how to measure the seats correctly.

The measurement process of these seats is straightforward and does not require a lot of hassle. The measurement procedure widely categorizes into three types of measurements, which are:

1. Length Of The Rear Side –

This measurement is taken from the front of the boat to the middle gate on either side. This length is the total accessible length of the boat.

2. Measuring The Width Of The Rear Side –

If you are looking to measure the width of the backside of your seats on your boat, then you should carefully consider a lot of factors as the rear side of your pontoon covers most of the area.

The measuring process starts from one side of the railing across to the other side of the railing. This method efficiently measures the entire boat, lets you plan something good for this space, and clarifies how you want to use it.

3. Front Width And Length –

These parts of the pontoon boat are divided into two measurements. One starts on the right side, from the inside of the rail on the right corner to the boat’s right-side front gate.

The other measurement similarly begins from the left side and goes to the front entrance on the left side.

Removal And Reinstallation Tools –

The tools you need to remove your old pontoon seats are simple and easily available tools. All you need is a drill, some screwdrivers, a socket set, and a carpet scraper, and that’s it.

These tools are readily available in almost every household and can be used in a simple method to dismantle and replace your pontoon chairs very quickly.

If you do not have access to such tools at your house, then you can go to any hardware store and look for these tools there.

Removal Of Pontoon Seats –

Removing the pontoon seats is relatively easy and follows simple steps. In this procedure, you need to take out all the screws along with additional hardware attached to them.

After this step, you will finally need to detach these seats and take them out of your pontoon boat.  While removing the seat, you should be careful about the surrounding areas of these seats.

Also, you should not tug or jerk the seat if you cannot remove them. Instead, try analyzing why it is happening.

The Process Of Replacing The Pontoon Seats –

This procedure is as simple as the previous one and has a lot of similar steps. First, you need to place the seat in their respective positions and then put in the screws to keep them intact in their place.

Then you need to attach all the extra hardware to the main body and seal it properly, leaving no chance for any sort of mishap.

Now that you know all the various important factors to keep in mind while replacing your seats, you should get a new pair of seats for your boat!

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