How To Clean Vinyl Boat Seats

How To Clean Vinyl Boat Seats

Did you accidentally stain your vinyl boat seats?  Have you recently discovered a mysterious shoe print that now seems uncleanable?

There’s no need to stress! It is relatively easy to clean these spots without any additional hassle.

Vinyl is one of the most commonly used materials in seat covers, and many manufacturers use it for making seats for boats.

It is a very comfortable, durable, and water-resistant material that indeed enhances the grace of your ship! Vinyl is like the amber of heaven for all upholstery materials that your boat needs.

Even though cleaning your vinyl cushioning is simple enough, you still need to keep some dos and don’ts in mind.

Many people make mistakes while cleaning their vinyl seats, demolishing this marvelous fabric’s integrity. These mistakes reduce the longevity and the quality of the vinyl seats.

The Dry Treatment –

You need to be completely prepared when you are on the crusade of adequately cleaning your vinyl seats.

Predominantly, most of the preparation involves just a damp cloth, a cleaning liquid, and a dry towel to ensure that the seats are thoroughly cleaned.

The first thing you should do is dry out the seats correctly. If the seats are left wet or have a lot of moisture, then there is a considerable scope for mildew to grow on the seats and cause you more problems.

Mildew is a variety of surface fungus that habitually grows in moist and damp environments. If your upholstery remains wet for a long time, your seat becomes susceptible to mildew growth.

The mildew growth is a very displeasing sight and will continue to spread throughout the entire seating if left unchecked.

This approach may look very unruly and odd, but it needs to be solved immediately! If this is not immediately taken care of, it may become a preeminent problem that could spread mildew across all your vinyl seats.

If the mold (mildew) has already spread across your upholstery, you should either get professional help to get this cleaned or consider buying new chairs for your boat.

It is better to be safe than sorry. And to avoid such a mishap in the first place, the foremost step you should take is, drying out the cushioning. Next, you move up to the stage of cleaning your seats with a cleaning solution.

Using an adequate amount of cleaning solution is extremely important because if you use it miserly, it may not clean the chairs properly, but if you use a lot of cleaning liquid, it may get wasted.

Using several cleaning solutions may also ruin your seats’ fabric and hence may cause permanent damage to your seats. Hence, you should use a slightly damp cloth to clean the entire seating area.

You should also use cleaning wipes to cleanse the seats properly and add a protection layer to your vinyl seats to keep them safe from future stains.

The Correct Cleaning Solution –

Cleaning the pontoon vinyl seats the right way

It is sometimes shocking to hear the limits that people cross to save a few bucks! Similarly, some people think it is right to clean your vinyl seats with bleach and steel wool.

But in reality, it is the most horrible and perilous procedure because this method harms the seats and diminishes the quality of the vinyl seats. This method can also pace up the seat’s wear and tear and boost the degradation process.

Even the friendliest and the lightest variations of cleaning solutions can deteriorate the seats when used incessantly.

Therefore, it is exigent that you use a suitable liquid and cleaning product to clean your vinyl seats if you don’t want to end up with faded and torn seats. If you are not vigilant in cleaning the seats, you may end up with seats being torn with patches that not even duct tape can refurbish!

There is also the option of reupholstering the seats, but this procedure can be pretty expensive and may put a massive burden on your pockets. That’s why It’s better and safer to opt for an option that is gentler and has no harsh chemicals to protect your seats adequately.

Consequently, you should pursue a solution that doesn’t degrade the seats’ quality and help the seats retain their original color.

This variation is far better than opting for the more traditional bleach and ammonia solutions that could destroy your seat. You require something that works, rather than something that is just providing temporary solutions.

Scrubbing The Visible Dirt –

Apart from dry cleaning and wet wiping procedures involved while cleaning your vinyl seats, there is also the scrubbing process.

This method can effectively remove marks and spots visible on your seats. Even though this is a safer method of cleaning the dirt from the vinyl seats, it can still harm your vinyl seats if you over scrub their seat.

But keep in mind not to scrub the seat too vigorously, as it may harm the fabric of the vinyl seat and may deteriorate its upholstery. You should put in the right amount of force to get the job done.

Now that you know all the possible methods of cleaning your great vinyl seats, it is time that you apply these techniques to practical use and reclaims the incredible shine of your chairs!

Also, remember to clean the seats carefully and treat them just like you treat your home decor.

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