AOMAIS GO Speaker Review

Aomais Go Speaker Review - Bass Head Speakers

When I first came across this speaker, I was skeptical about the performance as this brand was alien to me, but I gave it a try since I got too many requests from you guys.

One month down the line, I am completely in love with this speaker. If I have to say one line, it would be – “Go Buy It,” but that I won’t do since you guys requested a full review.

Let’s first have a quick view of the speaker, and then I will begin my review.

First of all, this speaker got a brand new upgrade in 2020, so it’s loud, clear, has more base and battery life, and lasts much longer now. And since I have the 2020 model, you are getting the real review compared to other sites still showing the 2019 model.

Anyway, let’s move to the review. The first appearance made me remember the much-loved Boom Box we had in the 80s-90s. It would have been my all-time companion if it had that over-the-shoulder handle.

I will place it on the shoulder and walk the street listening to Snoop Dog. That will be a fantastic upgrade if AOMAIS ever did it. Let’s leave the Boom Box for a minute and appreciate the sturdy handle we have here. It has an excellent grip and is 4.7 pounds; it’s just amazing to handle.

Is AOMAIS Go worth it, my review

The speaker is made from plastic but is covered inside a soft, grippy, rubber-like material that makes it rock-solid. I always say – it’s like a Tank. The body is rugged from top to bottom instead of other speakers that look amazing. It doesn’t look stunning but isn’t ugly either.

However, it’s not the best-looking speaker out there, but that is perfectly normal. We just sacrificed the look for quality. Another reason for having this rubber-like coating is to make it fully waterproof. It’s an IPX7 waterproof speaker that can withstand immersion of up to 33 feet for 30 minutes.

Not for waterproof, but it’s also dustproof, snowproof, mudproof, waterproof, or even being dropped, which gives it an upper hand over most speakers. Plus, you can take it to all water places like beaches, boating, pool, etc.

I personally used it while Kayaking, boating, at a pool party, in the rain, and all sort of things, but never have I ever been disappointed.

AOMAIS GO Portable IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review vs Bose SoundLink, SINOBAND S400S, JBL Charge 2+ Reviews, Specs, Price, Comparison

Opposed to the body, the speaker and base are under the metal mesh, producing loud and clear sound. It outputs a sound of 40 Watt with its two 15-watt full-range drivers, two 10-watt tweeters, and two passive radiators. And if you think this is less, connect two of these to get 80 WATT.

Just to give you an idea – 80 WATT is more than enough for a large house party. And just if you are wondering what connecting two’s means? This speaker comes with Bluetooth V5.0, which lets you connect this speaker with other Bluetooth devices, including phones, TVs, or other speakers.

I love that it can connect to other Bluetooth speakers as well, unlike other brands that only allow connection with their own speaker. But here is a thing The new 2020 version has Bluetooth V5.0 instead of the V4.2 we had last year. If you don’t know, Bluetooth 5.0 has a 24x bigger range than V4.2.

You can control the speaker sitting at the last corner of the house without any distortion like you usually see in Bluetooth devices. The only problem you might face here is connecting to the previous year’s model. After the upgradation, it won’t connect to the earlier model.

If you had one from last year and we’re thinking of getting a new one, drop the idea; it won’t connect. You can, however, get two of the latest models for the purpose. To join them, you have to press and hold the + and – button simultaneously, and it will automatically find the other speaker.

I will talk more about the buttons later on. I particularly love that if one device got disconnected somehow, it automatically searches for the other available device and connects to it.

This saves a bit of our time and effort from doing the connecting process altogether. Plus, it’s more convenient. Apart from Bluetooth, it has two other connection options – a 3.5mm audio jack(AUX) and a Microphone port.

AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speaker Review

So, you can connect it to wired devices that don’t have built-in Bluetooth like your PC, TV, and stuff. However, the Microphone port is unique that I have never seen in any other Bluetooth device. Suitable to have, though, especially for Karaoke lovers.

It comes in with a 10,000 mAH battery, which is HUGE. AOMAIS promises to give up to 40 hours of battery life at 50% volume; however, that also depends on the audio content. The total volume lasts 4 hours, which is incredible. I don’t remember the last time I charged it, so all I have to say is that it has incredible battery life.

The battery is a nice upgrade; earlier, they had 7200 mAH. Now, let’s talk about the buttons and what I call secret cabinets. So, this speaker features four buttons – Power on/off, Minus, Play/Pause/Skip, and Plus button.

Pretty standard, nothing fancy. Though they are covered in rubber, they are nice and clicky. You can hear and feel the press, which is really relieving. They are like those tick-tack pens that I always press just for that sound and feel.

On both sides are what I call secret cabinets, which contain all the ports. The reason I call them “secret” is because they are under heavy-duty rubber. It has an excellent little grip for the opening and names of the ports inside it. So, you always know what you have inside.

This rubber is for waterproofing, so always keep it close when using it in/near water for proper protection. We have a standard USB port, AUX port, and a Micro USB port to charge the speaker on the right.

The left, however, offers a microphone port. You get an AUX cable and a micro USB cable with this speaker. Using this USB cable, you can quickly charge it to full in around 4 hours.

AOMAIS GO Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

But what is that standard USB port for? To charge your device. This speaker is your go-to when you are on a beach, boat, or remote area where charging isn’t possible. Its gigantic 10,000 mAH battery is more than enough, I guess. In the box, you also get an instruction manual and carrying bag.

Though the usage is straightforward, the manual can be helpful if you get stuck somewhere. And the mesh bag is suitable for carrying the speaker. The mesh keeps it loud and clear, unlike other packs. Overall, I love this speaker and recommend it to everyone.

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  1. I have recently bought 2 more for a total of 4 and pairing 1 and 2 then pairing 3 and 4 which by the way I name each in settings after I paired each individually to my Samsung s20. Now I turn both sets on and go to media on my phone and pair 1 and 4 to phone and have all 4 connected at the same time. Wow


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